This is an extreme lean bulking compound based on the original superdrol (said to be less hepatoxic) that will deliver big lean size gains. Take every precaution with this oral compound – your liver will need support so definitely add some of the below suggestions, at the very least add The Blackstone line up of supports: GEAR SUPPORT during, ERADICATE during and a bottle after, then PCTV after the cycle too.

Otherwise for optimal support use the suggestions below – this product is no joke! You will have to be very wary of your liver values blood pressure and cholesterol!!

Support Supplement suggestions:

This is a lean mass stack of the strongest kind that will absolutely require OCT and full PCT Products like AR1MACARE PRO and ALPHA PCT or INNOVAPHARM TEST REJUVINATION . We would also suggest ERADICATE while on cycle to keep estrogen under control as the new AR1MACARE PRO no longer has arimistaine in the mix (it does however have some new estrogen blocking technologies that will stack together nicely).

You should also consider some INHIBIT-P in case of prolactone (from the MENT) and also a SERM like Nolvadex to block the estrogen from attaching to breast tissue while the Arimistaine in ALPHA PCT  or INNOVAPHARM TEST REJUVINATION acts as an AI which reduces the estrogen conversion (hit it from both ends!).