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MPA VasoSeven 7oz

MPA VasoSeven 7oz


MPA VasoSeven is a topical skin gel that glides on smoothly, and dries rapidly. VasoSeven contains 7Keto® which has demonstrated in clinical trials to have a positive effect on basal metabolic rate without diet or exercise.


  • Makes fat loss 4x more effective than diet or exercise alone
  • Activates 3 primary thermogenic enzymes (fatty acyl CoA , malic enzyme, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase)
  • Increases metabolism by 5.4% Keeps the metabolism elevated during low-calorie eating
  • Anecdotally demonstrated to lessen fat gain during overfeeding periods
"The perfect product for transitioning into a lean offseason or bulking phase.
Dries Rapidly
Clean Gel Application
(Anti­Obesogenic Skin­Gel)


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    I am very excited to present to you the final product to complete the​ ​VASOseries “trifecta” --­­ ​VasoSeven​ This is an absolutely perfect adjunct to everyone’s ​post­contest transition period, and ​off­season bulking phase​. ​VasoSeven will aid in prevention of potential body fat gain, while priming the bodies metabolic rate for staying ultra lean coming out of a severe dieting phase.
    * Note : VasoSeven can be used anytime, whether dieting or in a gaining phase , but lean gaining phases are where it can shine to minimize fat gain *
    “ The perfect product for transitioning into a lean offseason or bulking phase ”
    So you’ve been on an ultra-strict precontest diet for the last 4 months and you have been painfully lean for the last month before your contest or photoshoot. You’ve been having dreams of devouring thousands of calories worth of body fat promoting, tasty treats that have been forbidden from your current plan.
    You want to make the absolute most out of your offseason or “improvement season,” and maximize muscle growth while minimizing worthless fat gain. Your body is primed for nutrient storage after a treacherous low-calorie dieting phase. While muscle cells are prime candidates for amino acidglucose and micronutrient storage, your adipose tissue is even more starved for nutrient replenishment. If you overeat on the wrong foods…. say goodbye to your thin-skinned caliper measurements and awesome surface veins, and hello to annoying lower back fat, and unsightly abdominal squishiness(For females gluteal fat storage and inner thighs and hamstrings).

    Putting your body through the extremes of rigorous dieting practices can put immense stress on your hormonal systems. Prolonged carbohydrate restriction, which inevitably happens to achieve abnormal levels of leanness, can suppress thyroid function and ultimately hinder your metabolism.

    The stress hormone cortisol is also magnified during the final stages of an extreme diet due to central nervous system (CNS) overstimulation from:
    ● Excessive cardio
    ● Resistance training
    ● Caffeine usage
    ● Yohimbine HCL usage
    ● Ephedrine usage

    I will also note that high level competitors or gym rats that partake in the usage of performance enhancing agents will oftentimes discontinue usage or lower dosages after ending a contest preparation. This leads to a troublesome cortisol rebound effect from exogenous hormones no longer occupying the glucocorticoid receptors. This phenomenon, compounded with the severe dieting endured from the months prior, is a recipe for poor body composition aftermath.

    Enter VasoSeven

    Most people know I like to stay current with new and innovative material, whether about nutrition research, new dietary practices, or potential new supplement ingredients. However, I also don’t jump on the bandwagon prematurely and align myself with an idea, practice, or product without knowing it actually is legit.

    VasoSeven is nothing new, nothing groundbreaking and surely nothing “game-changing” (gosh, I hate when supplement companies use that phrase!). In fact, the ingredient in VasoSeven is rather oldschool and has been in this industry for years.

    So why am I caring about an “oldschool” ingredient that has been around for years?

    The answer is simple-- because I am delivering the ingredient into tissues at a clinical dose and efficiently through percutaneous absorption --> via  topical application.

    7-oxo-dhea is a metabolite of the multifaceted adrenal hormone dhea. It is different than plain dhea as it’s incapable of converting into androgens and estrogens , which makes it safe to use for both men and women.

    I could run on and on with all the scientific jargon dealing with 7-oxo-dhea and bore you with over-complicated charts, graphs, and numbers that is usually overlooked anyways by most antsy readers. Instead, I’ll bypass that option and get straight down to business, and condense and simplify this oldschool ingredient with a kickbutt delivery system.

    Let’s start with the bad and then talk about the good.

    Here is a rundown of the B​AD things t​hat happen to your endocrine system  during & after extreme dieting--
    Dropping calories drops your metabolism – and your testosterone levels.(2) *​​Women don’t fear the “T word” as you don’t have testicles*

    Once the metabolism drops off the fat loss stops, the more the calories get cut, the worse it gets. Even worse is when testosterone levels start to decline – This is pretty much sudden death for any further fat loss.

    *hormonally enhanced athletes are excluded from the testosterone suppressing effects mentioned above, except if they cease usage post dieting*

    Metabolic Shutdown

    Ever get cold hands while dieting? This is the effect of a suppressed metabolism. The body stops burning calories, so body temperature drops. For the experienced dieters who have been on their fair share of strict fat-loss diets-- they are all too familiar with the following effects –• Lowered body temperature
    • Overall weakness
    • Lack of blood flow (joint stiffness)
    • Deflated muscles

    Everything slows down – b​lood flow, hormone production, ​and energy availability. ​It​ sucks. ​(​2)

    If anyone follows my personal contest endeavors or the athletes I coach -- you might be familiar with me being a big proponent of  staying respectfully lean -- e​ven in the off-season. ​I like my clients to approach the fragile post-contest period as p​recise ​and a​ccurate  as they do with their final few days before hitting the stage.
    If they mess this small window of time up -- it could cost them their valuable “i​mprovement season” i​nitiation phase, which is crucial to making noteworthy lean mass gains. I know their calories have been pretty low for a decent amount of time, so I want to be cautious of over-feeding them too quickly. ​Adding in a multi-faceted and  clinically proven ingredient like 7​-​K​eto​™ found in V​asoSeven in​ a highly absorbable topical application will be paramount in aiding in  the prevention of inactive ​c​ortisone→​ converting into cortisol. ​T​hat basically means that the actives in VasoSeven will block the enzyme responsible for this conversion by deactivating or “occupying” the 11b-HSD1 (1​1-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase)  enzyme. -- T​his lowers cortisol production in selective tissues --- (​t​hink abs).


    Where are the best places to apply V​asoSeven?

    I recommend applying V​asoSeven o​nto areas of the body that displays a high concentration of the 1​1b-HSD1 enzyme content. ​This would be the a​bdominal region -​- which is prone to subcutaneous, v​isceral & omental fat a​ccumulation. V​isceral adipose tissue (​VAT) i​s the buildup of fat surrounding your organs which is often caused by excessive cortisol production and faulty insulin management. You can also apply V​asoSeven t​o  thin-skinned ​areas of the body -- i​nner arms, inner thighs,​even the neckHere are some of the cool things VasoSeven can do once it’s delivered into target tissues -

    VasoSeven ​Ramps up Thermogenic Enzymes -​
    Thermogenic = Heat producing
    7-oxo-dhea r​amps up ​s​n-glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (​GPDH) and c​ytosolic malic enzyme t​o increase thermogenesis--> v​ia ramping up T3 potentiation. (​9)
    7-oxo-dhea h​as the following effects –​
    ● Makes fat loss 4x more effective than diet or exercise alone
    ● Activates 3 primary thermogenic enzymes (f​atty acyl CoA , malic enzyme, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase)
    ● Increases metabolism by 5.4%
    ● Keeps the metabolism elevated during low-calorie eating
    ● Anecdotally demonstrated to lessen fat gain during o​verfeeding periods
    Other noteworthy benefits of V​asoSeven --​
    • Increases PPAR-alpha expression
    • Increases HDL (​“good” cholesterol)
    • Insulin sensitivity enhancement
    • Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) reduction
    • Immune support
    I remember using several forms of 7​-oxo-dhea ​a​bout 12 years ago with inconsistent results until I found a version in t​opical application. I​ recall using the transdermal version during my earlier “​bulking phases” a​nd noticed something cool -- it seemed to keep me (​and people I trained with) le​aner. I honestly couldn’t tell you the approximate dosage that was delivered through the skin, but I would bet it was at least ​100-200 mgs (​​which is what oral application has shown to be effective clinically.)
    Fast-forward to present day and now I want to bring this underrated ingredient back from hibernation and into the Bodybuilding arena once again -- b​ut with a delivery system that will make it shine and do its magic.

    *Note* ​C​linical trials demonstrated 7​keto™ ​at an o​ral ​dose of 100 mg twice a day to be effective in lowering cortisol, increasing thyroid, ​and e​nhancing immune system. ​However, oral bioavailability is low -- somewhere in the 3​-5% r​ange. Topical administration of 7​-oxo-dhea ​will deliver anywhere from ​20-30% o​f
    active ingredients into the body. T​his is where you will see VasoSeven shine over oral  administration.

    Here is how I want you to use ​VasoSeven i​n perfect harmony with the  other VASOs​eries ​p​roducts.

    #1 -​ V​asoBurn i​s​ used during the onset of your fat-loss journey, digging into stubborn subcutaneous fat stores and releasing them as a fuel substrate. Apply to l​ower back, ​abs, glutes ​and stubborn fatty areas 1-2 x’s a day. (​​stop using 1 week out from contest or special event--switch to VasoDry)

    #2 -​ V​asoDry i​s​ used during the final 7 days before presenting the final product of your physique to the stage (or special event), sucking out all lingering subcutaneous water  retention. You will use 4 pumps twice a day for 7 days -- 8​ pumps total. ​Apply to same stubborn areas you apply VasoBurn to. (s​top using post contest or special event--switch to VasoSeven)

    #3A -​ V​asoSeven i​s​ used right after your contest or special event is over and shifting into your off-season lean-mass phase. Used for maintaining leanness by m​itigating cortisol, ​and increasing the metabolic rate through active thyroid (T3) potentiation. Each  pump of VasoSeven yields 2​5 mg ​of 7​keto ​™ -- Use 4 pumps twice a day for 2​00 mg total per day. Apply to the following areas: a​bdominal region, inner arms, inner thighs, neck area. (​c​an use as long as you please as no serious side effects have been demonstrated)

    #3B -​ V​asoSeven c​an be employed while extreme dieting to keep thyroid output elevated and regulate cortisol levels from a high stress environment. The user could use  VasoBurn i​n the early A.M. hours and V​asoSeven i​n the evening. This could essentially be thought of as -- burn s​ubcutaneous fat i​n the first half of the day with  VasoBurn--​-→ Then burn ​Visceral Adipose Tissue (​​VAT) i​n the evening hours with VasoSeven ​as 7keto ™ has been demonstrated to initiate visceral fat (f​at surrounding internal organs) oxidation via → anti-glucocorticoid properties by inhibiting an enzyme  called - 1​1beta-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (​11B-HSD1), which blocks cortisone→ to cortisol conversion from going back and forth.




    Water (Aqua/Eua), Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerine, Dimethyl Isosorbide, 7-keto® (3-B-Acetoxyandrost-5-ene-7, 17-Dione), Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine.

    *Attention Athletes: Check with your governing Athletic Association before using.

    *7-keto® is a registered trademark of Interhealth N.J.


    Application for MPA VasoSeven

    The best places to apply MPA VasoSeven are --- abdominals, glutes, inner thighs, chest, and of course … the lower back (love handle area).

    Apply MPA VasoSeven after showering -- washing away dead skin cells from the body -- ensuring maximum coverage.

    A finely trimmed or shaved body may also enhance the effect of ingredients by negating the occurrence of body hair that can make application difficult.

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