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Replenish Essential Electrolytes

💧100% all natural Ingredients
💧Promotes optimal, cellular hydration
💧Amplifies muscle efficiency and recovery




100% All Natural | Zero artificial colours, dyes, preservatives | Zero calories

DO YOU DRINK A TON  AND STILL FEEL DEHYDRATED? We need electrolytes to optimize maximal hydration!

Water is a carrier and it enables the body to function by helping to direct electrolytes to the system. Imagine water like a car – electrolytes are like the passengers. The car can run itself however it needs the electrolytes to direct it where to go. This is why when we deplete ourselves of essential electrolytes through sweating and other daily functions, we must replenish what we have lost.

So since we’re making you sweat, now it’s time we help you replenish!

We sweat it out, now it’s time to replenish. When we deplete ourselves of essential electrolytes it is crucial we replenish for our body and muscles to work optimally.

Electrolytes are the fundamental buildings block to life.

Did you know electrolyte balance is vital for daily functioning?

Proper electrolyte balance is essential for optimal muscle efficiently; however, electrolytes go much deeper than just the muscles. Electrolytes help our organs and tissues function properly, help regulate our bodies PH levels, blood pressure, heart contractions, nerve signaling, digestion, bone building and the list goes on.

Common symptoms of electrolyte deficiency are:
– Headaches
– Dizziness
– Always feeling thirsty
– Muscle spasms
– Muscle fatigue
– Cognitive fogginess
– Anxiety
– Digestive issues
– Water retention

Electrolytes are the most natural form of balance. “We were all born with 3 things- a mind, a body, and a lifetime. The way you treat the first two will determine the third.”
Sip Fit is a 100% ALL natural electrolyte blend that helps replenish and restore your body at a cellular level. With no dyes, no preservatives and no coloring, Sip Fit is a perfect addition to your workout stack and works best after a DRIP FIT® workout!

NPN 80081558 – Pure Electrolyte Powder (Powder)

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