Savage AF

Savage AF


Savage AF is not just a hard hitting high stim Pre. Savage AF is also infused with Alpha GPC 50% , one of the most beneficial nootropic ingredients on the market, as well as Glycerol Monosterate 95%, one of the most beneficial ingredients for rehydration, and athletic performance in athletes! Savage AF stands in its own category when it comes to hard hitting pre workouts!Ingrediet ProfileNiacin: 15mgGlycerol Monosterate 95%: 1000mgBeta Alanine: 3200mgAgmatine Sulfate: 750mgCaffeine Annhydrous: 350mgBeta Phenylethlamine: 75mg1,3 Dimethylamlyamine: 75mgDendrobium Extrace 10:1 : 25mgJuniper Berry: 25mgRauwolfia Vomitoria Extract (Alpha Yohimbine 90%) : 2mg


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