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Yamamoto Protesamine

Yamamoto Protesamine



Protesamine® is the new and innovative patent from Yamamoto® Nutrition, intended to bring the vision of the class of amino acid-based food supplements to a new absolute level, developed by the continuous study and careful analysis of the progress and research of convey technologies to meet the needs of an increasingly vast and demanding, but often too braggart, commercial or confusing market of sports supplements.
The current formulations of amino acids on the market mostly follow a "standard" line, which presents branched or essential amino acids with approximate stoichiometric balances and often "questionable" from the point of view of scientific evidence, where often these sequences are unbalanced on exaggerated contributions on the leucine component or by the ratio of methionine to cysteine, exposing to a greater risk of homocysteine toxicity.
The formulation present in the Protesamine® patent wants to satisfy the organism's requests in the most effective and efficient way possible in certain situations of need, not limiting itself to the 9 essential amino acids (where histidine considered "essential" in the growth stages is included) but making use of the empowering support of other amino acids defined as "semi-essential" such as Cysteine and Tyrosine. The bioactive "utility" of these appropriately balanced insertions intervenes to strongly support the conditions of particular need of the organism, as in the phases of muscle growth, where there is a strong amino acid requirement, in unbalanced dietary conditions or in moments of severe state of organic stress, to which athletes are often subjected. An efficient supply of precious amino acid plastic material at certain times and situations, will ensure that the muscles can be more "protected" and strengthened in the reconstruction processes, with a lower risk of protein catabolism, in favor of faster muscle recovery, recovery energy and immune recovery.
The exclusive Protesamine® technology is linked to the microencapsulated MCU20® system, an innovative added value that makes this pool of amino acids from plant fermentation extraordinarily soluble, without presenting residual particles in solution. This will ensure the completeness of its bioavailability, resulting incredibly fast in absorption compared to common amino acid blends.

Protesamine® is an amino acid matrix that provides PROfessional Technology of ESsential AMINEvolved, an exclusive and patented composition (Patent NO. 102020000021664) of free amino acids, from vegetable fermentation and ultra purified.

Protesamine® is a formulation that wants to meet as effectively and efficiently as possible the demands of the body in certain situations of amino acid protein requirement.


  • Amplifies protein synthesis for the reconstruction of muscle fibers after training.
  • Strong support in conditions of particular need of the body, such as during periods of muscle growth, unbalanced dietary conditions or moments of severe physical fatigue.
  • Maximum nitrogen retention without generating nitrogenous slags thanks to an optimal stoichiometric balance between the various amino acids that make up the patent unlike the various formulas on the market which cannot guarantee an optimal absorption.
  • Trophism support to support the main tissues of the body.
  • Maintenance of hair, skin and nails.

Protesamine® uses the MCU-20® transport system. Micro Capsules Unity 2020 allows the Protesamine® amino acid matrix to be fully absorbed in the intestines, circumventing the problems typical of amino acid supplements that have severe solubility difficulties. Are you sure you're absorbing what you're ingesting? Protesamine® ensures that the valuable amino acid matrix reaches its destination in your muscles!

What are the benefits of the MCU-20® transport system.?
The active ingredients present in the supplements play some important roles in case of low intake with diet or increased need (physical activity). Despite this, the evaluation of their properties is rather limited, due, in some cases (such as amino acids), to their low solubility, stability and bioavailability. In this sense, nanotechnologies can represent an innovative approach: nano particles can in fact increase the solubility and stability of substances, improve their absorption, protect them from biodegradation, prolonging their circulation time and therefore their biological activity. Protesamine®'s MCU-20® microencapsulation process therefore increases solubility and improves absorption compared to normal tablets or capsules, both animal and vegetable, as they have only and merely a containment purpose. Microencapsulation involves a very efficient release of the active ingredient as it increases its ability to interact with the body. The active ingredient of Protesamine® is encapsulated inside a particle that can be as small as 1 μm. A common tablet can contain millions of microcapsules, each capable of releasing the active ingredient in the body. In comparison to a common tablet, in which the active principle is piled up, the microcapsules have a greater surface area, which increases the solubility and effectiveness. So MCU-20® microencapsulation:

  • Increases the solubility and stability of the active ingredients
  • It increases bioavailability and improves absorption
  • It increases the bioactivity of the active ingredients

Compared to normal tablets or capsules, both animal and vegetable, as they have only and merely a containment purpose

  • Nutritional Information

    Nutritional information Per 8 tablets

       L-Leucine L-Isoleucine

    6,5 g

    Ingredients: Protesamine® (L-leucine, L-lysine hydrochloride, L-isoleucine, L-valine, coating agent: hydroxy-propyl-cellulose; L-threonine, L-cysteine, L-histidine, L-phenylalanine, L- methionine, L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine), fillers: cellulose, dicalcium phosphate; anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids

    DIRECTIONS: take 8 tablets a day with water.

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