OXYVAR is a potent dietary supplement designed to enhance human performance in three key areas; fat Loss, muscle strength, and estrogen and cortisol management. For fat loss, OXYVAR contains the exact calibrated nutrients found in a groundbreaking 2011 study documenting a 400% increase of resting metabolism. Users will notice an increase in strength from the 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin, usually is within the first 72 hours. This remarkable formula was originally designed for women, but is now being used by an impressive number of men, each having noticed amazing results from using Oxyvar. Everybody needs estrogen management, fat loss, and increase in strength. This product is so effective people never want to stop taking it. The results speak for themselves.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fat loss
  • Rapid strength response
  • Estrogen management
  • Lean muscle hardness


Take one capsule twice a day. To enhance fat loss add caffeine or take with you pre-workout. Can be safely stacked with other supplements.