Notorious is the Best Muscle Building supplement from Alchemy Labs

Our goal when we sat down to develop Notorious with our R&D team was to make sure this formula would be the best in the following areas:

Building Lean Muscle Mass

Strength & Power 

Safety & Potency

Notorious is the highest dosed pro-hormone in our product line, which makes it the perfect match for guys wanting to bulk—without water retention—and achieve a lean, "built" look.


We Want You To Build Lean Muscle Mass Safely, Without Side Effects

One of the hardest part about finding a muscle building supplement lies in finding a company that is trustworthy and safe. 

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of companies out there selling illegal, and dangerous muscle building supplements whose goal is to trick guys like yourself into buying their products.

Not cool if you ask us..

Unlike most companies, we have a in-house chemist who helps develop and formulate our products to be the strongest & safest legal ingredients that will help you transform to the next level.

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