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MPA Cortisolve

MPA Cortisolve


MPA CortiSolve is for E V E R Y O N E

Whether you are a person who exercises only a few times a week, or does no exercise at all -- CortiSolve can benefit you immensely. Remember, work stress, relationship stress, mental exhaustion etc… pertain to the average person and can deplete phospholipids.

Cyclists, Runners, Sports Athletes, Cross Fitter’s, and your everyday business man that travels and works overtime -- CortiSolve is your friend and can help you feel better, perform better, and rest better. This isn’t just a Bodybuilding or sports nutrition product. This is a versatile formula that can be used at any time of the year and help young people, middle-aged people and elderly folks.

How is MPA CortiSolve best used?

Research has demonstrated that dosing phosphatidyl Serine BEFORE engaging in strenuous activity (weight lifting, aerobics, sprinting, school exams, physical work labor etc…) can reduce the cortisol spike that comes with stressful exertion.

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