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Maca Gold - Unflavored

Maca Gold - Unflavored


A perfect addition to your diet, Life-Flo Maca Gold is 100% pure maca powder, loaded with health benefits. A cruciferous vegetable that grows high in the Andes Mountains region, maca has been used by native Peruvians for generations as a powerful superfood. A source of protein, vitamin C, copper, iron and natural fiber, this versatile root helps support energy and endurance so you can feel your very best.

Mix Maca Gold into juices, shakes, yogurt, oatmeal and other soft foods as the perfect dietary supplement for energy and vitality support. Try it as a pre-workout drink, at midday to help fight that afternoon slump, or any time you need a healthy boost.

Like all Life-flo products, our USDA organic Maca Gold is lab verified for potency and purity for a difference you can feel. Here at Life-flo, we emphasize quality and synergy before cost or expediency – without exception. Find the energy and motivation to face your goals head on. Try Life-flo Maca Gold today!

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