A True Pre Workout Supplement With No Crash & No Jitters


Are you tired of high-stimulant pre-workouts that stim you up and leave you crashing 30 minutes later?

Tired of not performing in the gym at your full potential?

Are you in love with chasing "The Pump" at the gym, and Crushing Personal Records?

If so, DUALITY is the perfect pre-workout for you!

When our team sat down to develop DUALITY, our goal was to have a pre-workout that delivered insane pumps and insanely smooth energy. Unlike many companies, that simply give you a mirco dosed scoop and fool you into thinking your having a good workout by just giving you nothing but cheap stimulants.. We took the more expensive route to actually help you improve your performance in the gym.


Pre Workout That Gives You Strength, Energy & Focus With No Crash

It's 2019. and the days of the micro-dosed pre workouts are over.

Unlike many "popular" pre workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully dosed and clinically proven ingredients that are backed by science to give you the best workouts of your life.

When you start breaking down the science of each ingredients you will see that no other pre workout supplements come close to matching the dosing & amounts of ingredients we use to fuel your workouts.

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, pick up Duality today and experience one of the best pre workouts to hit the market!