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Drip Fit Support Band

Drip Fit Support Band



💧 Increase core awareness
💧 Decrease back pain and strain
💧 Flexible, breathable and easily adjusts


Our new core/back support band is designed completely different than our regular band.
Our back support band is 100% neoprene and is designed to relieve back strain and pain through compression and panelled, flexible back support.
The band is flexible, breathable and adjusts to your body as you move. It has one main Velcro closure with 2 adjustable double elastic straps to contour to your waist and add a level of comfortable compression.
We have 3 sizes
SMALL –  Length 90cm/Width 24cm
MEDIUM – Length 100cm/Width 24cm
LARGE – Length 110cm/Width 24 cm
The band helps you stay mindful of your posture throughout the day as well in a workout. It helps improve blood flow and warmth to the trunk and core.
It has 6 lumbar springs in the back of the band that give added support and to lower back and lower abdominals
Great for your workout as well as in the office, outdoor activities including hiking, biking, skiing, skating. Great for cross training and even gardening or post partum. Great for moms who suffer with diastasis recti as well as practitioners who spend most of their time leaning over their customers and clients
Ex. Dental assistants, eye lash technicians etc.
In short, it’s a gap in between your right and left abdominal wall muscles.
Both hormones and muscle tightness pre pregnancy can attribute to the separation of connective tissue (linea alba). The changes in the body allow for the baby to continue growing but will leave mama with a “pooch”
The separation can come together over time for for many moms its like an over stretched elastic band that unfortunately needs support and proper exercise. Support bands help mom remember to contract and support the core in every movement. Helps retrain the muscles in the stomache and low back.
Waist trainers and waist clinchers are designed to compress your body to an unnatural state. This can affect your organs and anatomical configuration of your bones.
Our waist band is compression however it’s dual support mechanism is not intended to be fastened so tight it limits movement, breathe or mobility.
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    100% Neoprene
    90 % Nylon
    10% spandex


    Small - 90 x 24 cm

    Medium - 100 x 24 cm

    Large - 110 x 24 cm


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