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Alchemy Amino Tide

Alchemy Amino Tide




When it comes to working out and training hard, recovery will always be the key to how fast your body builds muscle or loses fat over time.

You'll often see guys and girls going to the gym, hitting it hard with two hour-long workouts, but they aren't consuming nearly the amount of protein or amino acids necessary to keep up with these workouts.

This overtime over-training without proper recovery and nutrition can ultimately lead to: muscle wasting, extreme fatigue, higher cortisol levels, and even fat accumulation.

These exact problems are why we developed AMINO TIDE. We created this formula with 4 goals in mind:

Increase Recovery Rates

Help Build & Protect Muscle

Help Aid in Weight Loss

Increase Athletic Performance

During the formulation period, we also made it a huge priority to use 100% fermented amino acids vs. the standard amino acids that are derived from human hair or bird feathers.

While nothing can ever supersede proper nutrition, we know that most of us may not have the time or ability to consume the 5-7 meals a day to get all of our daily requirements—and that is why we made AMINO TIDE. For that day, or days, you may not be getting everything your body needs to keep up with your training, buy AMINO TIDE and start pushing past your nutritional limits.

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