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Alpha Greens

Alpha Greens


⊛ Supports Digestive Health*
⊛ Metabolic Boost*
⊛ Supports Healthy Alkalinity*
⊛ All Natural Formula*



Greens & Vegetable Blend:
Spirulina, Wheat Grass, and more to optimize immune, metabolic, and cardiovascular health.*

A precise blend of ingredients proven to improve mitochondrial health, reduce reactive oxygen species, and improve endothelial function.*

Prebiotic Fiber:
Acts as a special sort of food for our healthy gut bacteria.*

A probiotic with lactoferrin engineered to sustain good bacteria while reducing bad bacteria.*

Digestive Enzymes:
Help decrease bloating and ensure efficient uptake of the polyphenols and nutrients in Alpha Greens.*



Fruits, Greens, and other plant matter are incredibly nutritious materials. Unfortunately, most individuals do not intake adequate fruits and vegetables during their everyday diets.

This causes them to miss out on significantly improving their health and to prevent unwanted illnesses. Plants help reduce body acidity and keep the body alkaline, increase immune system efficiency, and improve energy levels.*

Alpha Supps® Greens has over 40 plant-based ingredients as well as Spectra™, prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, and Probiferrin® probiotics to support total body wellness and an healthier, active lifestyle.*


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